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Love-Lock Bracelet & Necklace

Love-Lock Bracelet & Necklace - Mebazo


Love-Lock Bracelet & Necklace

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Once the bracelet is put on it won’t come off with out his necklace! A true promise bracelet of real love! ❤️

Heart Lock Bracelet & Key Necklace for couples is a reminder of true love. They are thought to be memorable gift for lovers. A unique and romantic way to express your everlasting love and how its going to last forever! ❤️


✔️ The perfect emotional & romantic gifts for your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or any other special one in your life whom you care about a lot!

✔️ Best gift for any occasion - Anniversary, Valentines Day, Birthday ❤️


Why is the best gift for your LOVE?

A heart lock bracelet that only opens with the key in a necklace, a beautiful way to say "Your Heart Belongs to me" ❤️

✔️ Made of Stainless steel.

✔️ Features two clear rhinestones on every variants.

✔️ Forged by experts.


✔️ We have created 4 different designs for you!



Make a difference this year with this perfect personalized bracelet and necklace set from Joopzy. This beautiful piece of jewelry shine’s bright everywhere you walk. We believe in strong and confident love, not entitlement and insecurity. This set makes a statement to others but holds a secret meaning only you and your loved will ever know.

Heart Lock Bracelet & Key Necklace can be a great gift for couples celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

HURRY! Don't let your love wait for his/her gifts ❤️

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