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Automatic Ceramic Hair curler Iron V2.0

Automatic Ceramic Hair curler Iron V2.0 - Mebazo


Automatic Ceramic Hair curler Iron V2.0

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Stress-free Curls in Just 5 Minutes with the Air Curling Iron

Create dazzling curls effortlessly with our Automatic Hair Curling Wand. The process of curling your hair is achieved with heat and steam. This method will not damage your hair. The automatic hair curler is equipped with fast-heating ceramic plates and reaches temperatures of up to 410°F. The heat is held exactly where it is needed.




Why You Will Love This Hair Curler?

✅ Done in Under 5 Minutes
✅ Works on every Hair Type - Even with Dye
✅ Ceramic Heat
✅ SO easy to use

    Features of the Curling Wand

    • Ceramic Rotating Barrel: Automatic spin creates flawless curls.
    • Ceramic Heater: Distributes heat evenly across the barrel surface resulting in shinier and healthier hair.
    • Directional Buttons: Control curl direction with left and right push buttons.
    • Automatic Shut Off: Brush turns off after 1 hour for safety
    • LCS Temperature Display: Easily adjustable temperature settings up to 410°F (210°C).
    • Customized Curling Time Settings: Adjustable styling time for your hair type.


    Using instructions

    1. plug the spin n curl into the correct power supply

    2. the spin n curler display is turnred ON and OFF by pushing the Power button on the handle , the display will light up to show that the appliance on

    3. Select the disired temperature using thr (+)and (-) buttons OR set the desired temperature by pressing the (M) button to use pre-set temperature of Low , Medium , High .

    4. The temperature will blink 4 times , indicating the curler temperature is set

    5. Select the desired timer setting using the (+) or (-)buttons ,

    6. After 15 seconds , the iron temperature and timer will be locked in .

    7. To unlock the temperature or change the temperature , pree the power button once (the lock iron will disappear )and press the(M)button twice .

    8. To unlock the timer setting , press the power button once (the lock icon will disappear )and press (M) button once

    9. After 1 hour of stand -by , the iron will shut off automatically



    Package includes & Dimension
    1x Automatic Hair Curler


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