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Beauty And Health - Cornerstones Of Life, Don’t Neglect Either!


Beauty and health are a crucial part of human life but they are also complicated processes that are intervened to create a lot of confusion and sometimes frustration.

Incorrect information often misguides and prevents people from achieving health and beauty goals. Irrespective of your skin tone or texture, age, and geographical location, a lot of things need proper understanding about the beauty regime to be followed, anti-aging secrets, hair care, food habits, exercising patterns, and more, for the overall beauty and health.

Quoting Andre Leon Talley, "Beauty is health and health is beauty", the most perfect health is the most perfect beauty.


Choosing beauty over health will spell disastrous. Yet nowadays women are more concerned about beauty than for health.

Right Knowledge

People are almost killing them to look beautiful. Extreme concern about superficial beauty and weight especially among females, leads to eating disorders and various diseases that suck away the life's beauty and charm.

To stay beautiful for lifelong, it is necessary and important to stay healthy. Start eating and living in a healthier pursuit so that beauty comes from within and not from the beauty products alone.

Although the beauty industry is also focusing on cruelty-free, harsh chemicals-free, phthalate-free, natural, and organic beauty products, but until you are healthy beauty products cannot bring out true happiness and joy for you.

Health as a High Priority

Caring for your appearance does affect your health and emotional well-being (stands true for both the genders). An active lifestyle with a healthy diet is the key to beauty.

Healthy food choices including of proportionate amount of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, minerals, and other vital nutrients through a balanced diet. Balanced diet keeps tab on your beauty and health issues like cholesterol level, blood pressure, and heart health. Additionally, with a healthy lifestyle and favorable eating habits, you are bound to have clear and healthy skin, lustrous hair and nail, and fit body which would make you more beautiful even without expensive beauty products.

Add your favorite pizzas, burgers, sausages, French fries, desserts occasionally in moderate quantities to pamper your tummy but don't make it practice.

Check out your favorite Instagram's fitness gods’ and goddesses’ profile, for their health and beauty routines. They eat healthy to look and stay beautiful (and handsome). They don't skip their exercising routine ever and accommodate it in their busy schedule anyhow.

Dwayne "The Rock Johnson" (the fitness monster), Ellie Goulding (runs at least 6 miles a day to keep herself healthy and fit), Halle Berry (diabetic since the age of 19 and academy award winner, now 50+, has hit headlines with her physique) and the list continues.....

The point is that staying physically active is necessary for health but does not means enslaving the gym regime. Bring in little changes in your daily routine to reduce the risk of health issues like type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, stroke, etc.

And You Would Be Beautiful From Within!

Sustainable beauty is a blessing and you too can have it with the right knowledge and following some dos and don'ts.

Follow a water-rich food diet as it not only keeps you full for longer but also beautifies you keeping your entire body skin hydrated and radiant.


Once you are beautiful use the right brand of beauty products to enhance your radiance and grab attention everywhere. You can shop for beauty, health and fitness products from mebazo.com, a Luxury store. The online store believes relationships are more important than profits. So, it provides best quality products at most reasonable prices and welcome feedback from customers to further improve its service quality.    

Not as confusing as it appeared in the beginning! Right?


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